Improve your SAT score with last-minute cramming tips

Make the most of your final week with our SAT expert’s secret cramming tactics! Topics include:

1. Last-minute general strategies for the SAT
- What to do before a test for maximum performance
- How to bubble answers most efficiently
- How to make best use of your mid-test 10-minute break to prime you for success on the last five sections of the SAT

2. Last-minute “sneaky strategies” for Writing — w/practice on real SAT questions

3. Last-minute “sneaky strategies” for Math — w/practice on real SAT questions

Date: Sun, Nov 2 2014, 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM PST

Devorah Goldblatt

Case Western Univ., summa cum laude
Perfect scorer on the SAT & the ACT

Devorah is the founder of Advantage Point Test Prep and the author of the book “Boost Your Score” The Unofficial Guide to the Real ACT.

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