About the SAT

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Introduction to the SAT

SAT structure, question types, content, scoring, techniques, tips, tricks, strategies

Official College Board Website

General SAT Strategies

Quick tips, guessing, order of difficulty, transferring answers in chunks, eliminating answers

Making the Most of Test Day

SAT, techniques, tips, tricks, strategies, test day

SAT Writing

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About the Writing Section

Writing section overview, structure, SAT essay, identifying errors, improving sentences, improving paragraphs

Writing Section Pacing Chart

Meet Cute

Writing Section Glossary

SAT Essay, Part I

Essay structure, supporting examples, thesis statements, language choice

Suggested Books

SAT Essay, Part II

Sample student essays, supporting examples, language use

Comma Splices

comma splices, run-on sentences, improving sentences questions

Comma Splice & Sentence Fragment Practice

Comma Splice & Sentence Fragment Key

Use the Right Word

idioms, word choice, identifying errors questions

Common Idioms

Commonly Confused Words

-ing Words

gerunds, -ing verbs

Logical Comparison

comparatives, superlatives

Logical Comparison Practice

Logical Comparison Answer Key

Logical Coordination

conjunctions, logical coordination, similarity, continuation, contrast, cause and effect

Logical Coordination Practice

Logical Coordination Answer Key


modifiers, misplaced modifiers, dangling modifiers

Modifier Practice

Modifier Answer Key


parallelism, parallel structure

Parallelism Practice

Parallelism Answer Key

Pronoun Case

pronouns, case, subject, object

Pronoun Case Practice

Pronoun Case Answer Key

Pronoun Reference, Part I

pronouns, pronoun-noun agreement

Prounoun Reference Practice

Prounoun Reference Key

Prounoun Reference with Antecedents

Prounoun Reference with Antecedents Key

Prounoun Reference Lacking Agreement

Prounoun Reference Lacking Agreement Key

Pronoun Reference, Part II

pronouns, pronoun-noun agreement, singular words, compound subjects

Pronoun Reference Practice, Advanced

Pronoun Reference, Advanced Key

Subject-verb Agreement, Part I

subject-verb agreement, verb conjugation, identifying errors, improving sentences

Subject Verb Agreement Practice

Subject Verb Agreement Answer Key

Subject-verb Agreement, Part II

subject-verb agreement, weird word order, compound subjects, identifying errors, improving sentences


verb tense, past perfect, present perfect

Practice with Tense

Practice with Tense Answer Key

Quick Tips

wordiness, redundancy, number agreement, double negatives, split infinitives

Practice with Number Agreement

Practice with Number Agreement Key

Wordiness & Redundancy Practice

Wordiness & Redundancy Practice Key

SAT Math

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About the Math Section

Math section overview, math question types, content, multiple choice, grid-ins

Math Section Pacing Chart

Turning Variables into Numbers, Part I

strategies, assigning numbers to variables, eliminating wrong answer choices

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part I

Variables Into Numbers, Part I Key

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part II

Variables Into Numbers, Part II Key

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part III

Variables Into Numbers, Part III Key

Turning Variables into Numbers, Part II

strategies, assigning numbers to variables in answer choices, eliminating wrong answers

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part IV

Variables Into Numbers, Part IV Key

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part V

Variables Into Numbers, Part V Key

Variables Into Numbers Practice, Part VI

Variables Into Numbers, Part VI Key

Plugging In Answers

strategies, plugging in answer choices, eliminating wrong answer choices

Plugging in Answers, Basic

Plugging in Answers, Basic Answer Key

Plugging in Answers, Intermediate

Plugging in Answers, Intermediate Key

Plugging in Answers, Advanced

Plugging in Answers, Advanced Key

Use Your Figures

figures, estimation, diagrams, figures drawn to scale, figures not drawn to scale

Order of Difficulty

strategies, test structure, target score, order of difficulty, picking difficult questions

Math-English Dictionary

strategies, tips, tricks, techniques, vocabulary, math terms, terminology

Math-English Dictionary

Math-English Dictionary Practice

Math-English Dictionary Practice Key

Quick Tips

strategies, calculator use, formulas, symbols, reading carefully

Practice with Symbol Problems

Practice with Symbol Problems Key

SAT Reading

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About the Critical Reading Section

Critical reading section overview, critical reading question types, content, passages, sentence completion questions

Reading Section Pacing Chart

Vocabulary Tips

building vocabulary, roots, prefixes, suffixes, mnemonic devices, imagery, tricks

Vocabulary Roots

Look for Clues in Sentence Completion Questions

sentence completions problems, using context clues, vocabulary

Looking for Clues Practice

Looking for Clues Practice Answer Key

Capture the Concept in Sentence Completion

sentence completion problems, prediction, vocabulary

Predicting Answers Practice, Part I

Predicting Answers, Part I Key

Predicting Answers Practice, Part II

Predicting Answers Practice, Part II Key

Pick the Best Match in Sentence Completion Questions

sentence completion problems, process of elimination, roots, associations

Eliminating Wrong Answers, Part I

Eliminating Wrong Answers, Part I Key

Eliminating Wrong Answers, Part II

Eliminating Wrong Answers, Part II Key

How to Read Passages

comprehension, passages, active reading, skimming

Sample Passage

How to Approach Passage Questions

comprehension, passages, types of questions, difficulty

Sample Passage

Avoiding Wrong Answer Choices in Passages

comprehension, passages, eliminating wrong answer choices

Sample Passage

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