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About the PSAT

free PSAT prep, PSAT structure, scoring, question types, sections

National Merit Scholarship Program

program requirements, levels of recognition, types of awards, special scholarships

PSAT Test Taking Strategies

guessing, eliminating answers, pacing, transfering answers in chunks

Strategies for the Critical Reading Section

using context clues, making predictions, active reading, reading in sweeps, building your vocabulary

Strategies for the Math Section

reading the questions, choosing your own numbers, using figures and diagrams, plugging in answers, order of difficulty

Strategies for the Writing Section

focus attention on awkward sounding words and phrases, learn to read literally, avoid long answer choices, be comfortable with no change

Top 5 Things to Study for the PSAT

Arithmetic, Algebra I or Geometry, Vocabulary, Pronouns

What to Do (and Not to Do) the Night Before

what to bring, cramming, test day

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