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Course introduction

DBQ Practice

Test Taking Strategies

Test structure, strategies for multiple choice, DBQ, and free response

How to Write the Free Response Essay

How to write the free response essay

AP US History Videos

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History as Mystery

Multiple-choice questions

Hunting Down Multiple Choice

College Board AP US History

Searchable US History Timeline

Searchable US History Timeline

What REAL Historians Do

Historical essays

Organizing Tool for the DBQ

DBQ Information

Sample DBQ Questions

Critically Analyzing Info

Secret Bombing of Cambodia

SALT Treaty

End of the Draft

Nixon Visits China

Pentagon Papers

Watergate Break In


Economy Steady

GREASing Success

Free-response essay, urbanization, industrialization

Graphic Organizer: G-GREASES

Free-Response Essay

A Funny Thing Happened?

Discovery, Westward expansion, Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny

American Indigenous People

Indian Removal Policy

Frontier in American History

We the People Kind Of

Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, new nation

We the People. Kind of.

Development of Self Government

Strict or Loose: Bill of Rights

Articles of Confederation

Constitution Grandfathers

Connecticut Compromise

Checks & Balances

Checks & Balances

Albany Plan of Union (1754)

A More Perfect Union?

John Marshall, Supreme Court, presidential power, regionalism

A More Perfect Union?

Separate & Unequal

Reconstruction, Supreme Court, rise of big business, Plessey vs. Ferguson

Barons or Captains of Industry

Rollercoaster of Reform

Supreme Court, Square Deal, FDR, New Deal, Johnson, Great Society, Civil Rights Acts

Graphic Organizer: 20th c. Supreme Court Cases

1/16 of Your Blood

Early Republican period, slavery, Dred Scott case, 3/5 compromise, Douglass, jazz, blues

Further Resources: Race in America

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

History of Race in U.S.A.

Statement of Race

Race in Society & History

Rationalizing Race in History

Life of Frederick Douglass

Racial Integrity Act of 1924

Racial Categories

Jim, Jackie, Martin?

Reconstruction, civil rights, Brown vs. Board of Education, MLK, affirmative action

African American History

The Emancipation Proclamation

Civil War Amendments

The History of Jim Crow

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Project

The Boston Busing Case

Busing's Boston Masscre

The Legacy of School Busing

Reverse Discrimination

Impact of Affirmative Action

Racial Quotas

A Working-Class Hero

The labor movement, AFL, Progressive movement, Cesar Chavez, Ronald Reagan

A Working Class Hero

AFL-CIO Timeline of Labor

Taft-Hartley Act, Part 1

Taft-Hartley Act, Part 2

History of the AFL-CIO

African American Labor History

Can't Take the Heat?

Women's history, temperance, suffrage, liberation

U.S. Women's History

Women's Rights Timeline

Women's Impact on the Media

Oral History Interviews

The Only Good

Homestead Act, Dawes Act, Sand Creek and Wounded Knee, Korematsu vs. U.S.

Non-White in US history

The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus

New Kid on the Block

Wars and diplomacy, George Washington, Jay's Treaty, Louisiana Purchase, Monroe Doctrine

Graphic Organizers: Presidents and Wars

Tarriffs in American History

The Economic Effect of Tariffs

Saint or Sinner?

Wars and diplomacy, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Bosnia

The US on the World Stage

Beginning of Yellow Journalism

US-Latin American Relations

The White Man's Burden

Atomic Bomb Decision

Who's the Boss?

Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson

Graphic Organizer: Presidential Policies (Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson)

Jeffersonian vs. Jacksonian

John Jay's Treaty

Washington's Farewell Address

The Corrupt Bargain

The Constitution

Trying Men's Soul

Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR

Graphic Organizer: Presidential Policies (Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR)

The Gettysburg Address

The Emancipation Proclamation

The Second Inaugural Address

Lincoln's Letter

Progressive Era Timeline

The Progressive Era

FDRs Fireside Chates

Alphabet Soup

Photographs of Alphabet Soup

Bad Deciders

Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan

Graphic Organizer: Presidential Policies (Johnson, Nixon, Reagan)

Vietnam War Timeline

Watergate Timeline

Ronald Reagan Timeline

Museum of the Moving Image

AP US History Review

Videos Materials Links
The Big End

How to review AP U.S. History

Getting Organized for the Test

10 Tips for Acing the AP Exam

Using Graphic Organizers to Review

G-GREASES, Review history by Era

G-GREASES Graphic Organizer

Historical Eras Graphic Organizer

Presidential Policy and Historical Time

Graphic Organizer, Presidents, Historical Time line

Presidential Policy Graphic Organizer

Sample Historical Timeline

AP US History Practice

Videos Materials Links
Free Response Skills Practice

Free Response Preparation, Free Response Practice

Practice Prompt

The College Board Sample Tests

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