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Course introduction

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American Government

Articles of Confederation, Constitution

Foundation of Government Review Sheet

CB 2007 Exam, Question 3

Marbury v. Madison Video


Constitutional Amendments, separation of power, federalism

The Great Eight

CB 2005 Exam, Question 2

Beliefs & Behaviors

Political socialization, conservatives, moderates, liberalists

Beliefs & Behaviors Review Sheet

CB 2003 Exam, Question 2

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Democratic Party, Republican Party, interest groups

Interest Groups and Party Review Sheet

CB 2006 Exam, Question 1

Media Bias

Conservative media, liberal media

Media Bias Review Sheet

CB 2003 Exam, Question 1

Campaigns and Elections

Common backgrounds of recent presidents, the electoral college

Campaigns & Elections Review Sheet

CB 2007 Exam, Question 1

Candidate Videos

Process & Structure

Legislative process, congressional structure

Process & Structure Review Sheet

CB 2008 Exam, Question 1

Government Funding


Gerrymandering, pork barrel politics, fundraising

Re-elections Review Sheet

Presidential Powers

Presidential powers, Cabinet, 21st and 25th Amendments

Presidential Powers Review Sheet

CB 2004 Exam, Question 1

Judicial System & Court

Judiciary system, Federal Court, Supreme Court, key Supreme Court decisions

Judicial System & Court

CB 2005 Exam, Question 1

Iron Triangles

Iron triangles, bureaucracy

Iron Triangles Review Sheet

CB 2006 Exam, Question 3

Congressional Iron Triangles

Grants & Spending

Categorical grants, discretionary spending, funding, tax structure

Grants and Spending Review Sheet

CB 2006 Exam, Question 2

Taxes vs. Spending

Civil Liberties 101

Bill of Rights, civil liberties

Civil Liberties 101 Review Sheet

CB 2007 Exam, Question 2

Civil Liberties 102

Civil rights, Jim Crow laws, Constitutional Amendments

Civil Liberties 102 Review Sheet

AP Test-Taking Strategy

Test-taking strategies, test preparation

AP Test-Taking Strategy Review Sheet

AP US Government Review

Videos Materials Links
Synthesizer: Voting Rights Time line

Using a graphic organizer to review voting rights

Graphic Organizer: Voting Rights Time line

Synthesizer: Supreme Court Cases

Using a graphic organizer to review Supreme Court Cases

Graphic Organizer: Supreme Court Cases

AP US Government Practice

Videos Materials Links
Free Response Skills Practice

Free Response Preparation, Free Response Practice

Free Response Skills Practice Question

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