The AP Calculus Test

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About the Course & AP Exam Strategies

Introduction to the course, about the test, test strategies

AP Calculus Videos

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AP Tricks, Part 1

Test strategies, limit problems, function values from derivative graphs, inverses of derivatives

AP Tricks, Part 1: Follow Along

AP Tricks, Part 1: Practice Problems

Derivatives from the Definition

Manual derivatives done using the definition

Derivatives from the Definition: Follow Along

Derivatives from the Definition: Practice Problems


Manual limits, disguised derivative problems, L'H pital's Rule

Limits: Follow Along

Limits: Practice Problems

Chain, Product & Quotient Rules

Product rule, chain rule, product-chain rule combinations, quotient rule

Chain and Product Combinations: Follow Along

Chain and Product Combinations: Practice Problems

Tangent Lines and Optimization

Equations of tangent lines, optimization problems

Tangent Lines and Optimization: Follow Along

Tangent Lines and Optimization: Practice Problems

Function Graphs

Concavity, Absolute and Relative Min/Max, Increasing/Decreasing functions

Function Graphs: Follow Along

Function Graphs: Practice Problems

Implicit Differentiation

Implicit differentiation, second implicit derivatives

Implicit Differentiation: Follow Along

Implicit Differentiation: Practice Problems

Related Rates Problems

Sphere, conical reservoir, pythagorean, trigonometric problems

Related Rates: Follow Along

Related Rates: Practice Problems

Graphs from Data Charts

Inferring graph details from a data chart, producing a graph from a data chart

Graphs from Data Charts: Follow Along

Graphs from Data Charts: Practice Problems

Riemann Sums and The Trapezoidal Rule

Left and right Riemann Sums, Trapezoidal Sums, Inferring integrals from Trapezoidal sums

Riemann Sums and The Trapezoidal Rule: Follow Along

Riemann Sums and The Trapezoidal Rule: Practice Problems

Integration: Substitution Method

Integration by substitution, change of variables

Integration - Substitution Method: Follow Along

Integration - Substitution Method: Practice Problems

AP Tricks, Part 2

Differential Equations, Rate Integration Problems, Mean Value Theorem

AP Tricks, Part 2: Follow Along

AP Tricks, Part 2: Practice Problems

Area Between Curves

Area between two curves, area between intersecting curves, curves that intersect at more than one point

Area Between Curves: Follow Along

Area Between Curves: Practice Problems

Velocity, Acceleration and Distance

Velocity, acceleration, integrals and position, integrals and distance

Velocity, Acceleration and Distance: Follow Along

Velocity, Acceleration and Distance: Practice Problems

Function and Derivative Graphs

Converting function graphs to derivatives, converting derivative graphs to functions, integrals and area

Function and Derivative Graphs: Follow Along

Function and Derivative Graphs: Practice Problems

Volume - Cross-sections

Volumes with square cross-sections, rectangular cross-sections, semi-circular cross sections

Volume - Cross-sections: Follow Along

Volume - Cross-sections: Practice Problems

Volume - Disc Method

Volumes of rotation around x-axis, around y-axis, washers, rotation around other axes

Volume - Disc Method: Follow Along

Volume - Disc Method: Practice Problems

AP Tricks, Part 3

More average value, continuity and limits

AP Tricks, Part 3: Follow Along

AP Tricks, Part 3: Practice Problems

AP Tricks, Part 4

Functions of integrals, average rates of change

AP Tricks, Part 4: Follow Along

AP Tricks, Part 4: Practice Problems

AP Tricks, Part 5

Differentiating with Tables, Slope Fields, First and Second Fundamental Theorems

AP Tricks, Part 5: Follow Along

AP Tricks, Part 5: Practice Problems

AP Calculus Review

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Synthesizer: Test Analysis

Analyze AP test problems to guide studying

Study Plan: AP Test Analysis

Study Plan: AP Test Analysis: Key

May 2009 College Board Course Description

College Board May 2009 Course Description

Synthesizer: Study Plan

Learn how to prioritize studying by reviewing your old tests

Review your old tests

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AP Calculus Practice

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Free Response Skills Practice

Free Response Preparation, Free Response Practice

Free Response Skills Practice Problem

Free Response Skills Practice Problem: Key

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