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The AP Biology Test

Test structure, question types, test strategies

AP Biology Test Episode Slides

Basics of Plant Structure

Plant Hormone Response Review

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Sample AP Questions

Writing the Free Response Essay

Essay tips, types of essay questions, possible essay questions

Essay Do's and Don't's

AP Bio Essay Topics 1985-2008

Writing the Free Response Episode Slides

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Sample AP Questions

AP Biology Videos

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Organic Molecules

Carbohydrates, fats, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

Organic Molecule Study Guide

Organic Molecules Episodes

Protein Structure Video

Protein Structure Game

Parts of a Cell

Membrane structure, endosymbiosis, organelles, protein synthesis

Parts of a Cell Slides

Cell Membrane Stucture

Virtual Cell Website

Organelle Function Animation

Protein Secretion Video

Incredible Cell Animation


Enzyme structure, enzyme function, factors that influence enzymes

Enzymes: Episode Slides

Official AP Bio Enzyme Lab

Cellular Transport

Passive transport, active transport

Cellular Transport: Episode Slides

Practice AP Problems

Official Diffusion and Osmosis Lab

Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

Photosynthesis & respiration comparison, Calvin Cycle, primary productivity

Photosynthesis & Respiration Contrast

Photosynthesis v. Respiration Slides

Light Reactions Animation

Calvin Cycle Animation

Cellular Respiration Overview

Primary Productivity Lab

Official Photosynthesis Lab

Official Respiration Lab


Photosynthesis, light reactions, Calvin Cycle

Photosynthesis Websites

Photosynthesis Notes Sheet

Photosynthesis Slides

Light Reaction Details

Light Reaction Animation

Calvin Cycle Animation

Primary Productivity Lab

Official Photosynthesis Lab


Respiration, glycolysis, anaerobic respiration, Krebs Cycle

Respiration Slides

Cellular Respiration Overview

Primary Productivity Lab

Official Respiration Lab

Do It Yourself Glycolysis

Cell Division

Mitosis, meiosis

Cell Division: Episode Slides

Official Mitosis and Meiosis Lab

Mendel's First Law

Mendel's First Law and genetics, dominant and recessive alleles, Punnet squares, pedigrees

Genetics Problem Set

Mendel's First Law: Episode Slides

Official Genetics Lab

Mendel's Second Law

Mendel's Second Law of Genetics, Mendel's laws and meiosis

Genetics Problem Set

Mendel's Second Law: Episode Slides

Official Genetics Lab

Non-Mendel Genetics

Co-/incomplete dominance, sex-linked traits, polygenic traits, linked genes

Non-Mendellain Genetics Practice

Non-Mendel Genetics: Episode Slides

Official Gene Mapping Lab

Official Genetics Lab

DNA Structure

Nucleotide structure, base pairing rules, structure of DNA

DNA and DNA Replication Overview

DNA Structure: Episode Slides

DNA Structure Video

DNA Replication

Process of DNA replication, enzymes of DNA replication, leading/lagging strands

DNA Replication Worksheet

DNA Replication: Episode Slides

DNA Structure Video

Enzyme Video

Interactive DNA Replication Website


Transcription, mRNA, promoters, exons/introns, protein synthesis

Transcription and Protein Synthesis

Transcription: Episode Slides

Transcription Video

RNA Processing Video


Translation, codons/anticodons, tRNA, ribosomes, protein synthesis

Translation Practice

Translation: Episode Slides

Transcription and Translation Video


Point mutations, chromosomal mutations, nondisjunction, chromosomal duplication, chromosomal inverstion, chromosomal translocation

Mutations Study Guide

Mutation Slides

Chromosomal Fusion Video

Non-Disjunction Video

Biotech: Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering, gene therapy, recombinant DNA, insertion, cloning, transformation

Genetic Engineering Summary

Genetic Engineering Slides

Plasmid Cloning Video

Official Genetic Engineering Lab

Transgenic Fly Lab

Virtual Cell Website

Biotech: DNA Fingerprinting

Gel electrophoresis, RFLP, PCR

Summary DNA Testing Notes

Gel Electrophoresis Guide

DNA Fingerprinting Slides

Informative PCR Video

Official Electrophoresis Lab

DNA Sequencing Review

PCR Machine Advertisement


Natural selection, evidence of evolution, patterns, species and reproductive isolation

Evolution Slides

Online Evolution Activities

Short Evolution Videos

Official Evolution Lab

Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

Hardy Weinberg equations, Hardy Weinberg assumptions, Hardy Weinberg problems

Hardy-Weinberg Practice

Hardy Weinberg Slides

Lab Exploring Hardy-Weinberg

Diversity of Organisms

Five kingdoms of organisms, domains, animals, plants, monera, protista, bacteria

Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes

Diversity of Organisms: Episode Slides

Plant Life Cycle Tutorial

Animal Kingdom, Part A

Animal kingdom, phylogenetic tree, symmetry, cephalization

Phylogenetic Tree worksheet

Animal Phyla Notes

Animal Kingdom, Part A: Episode Slides

Animal Kingdom, Part B

Animal kingdom, phylogenetic tree, deutero/protostomes, a/pseudo/coelomates

Phylogenetic Tree worksheet

Animal Phyla Notes

Animal Kingdom, Part B: Episode Slides

Water Transport in Plants

Vascular tissue, water potential, tact hypothesis, transpiration, xylem, phloem

Water Transport Slides

Official Transpiration Lab

"Fly Thru" Xylem Video

Root Absorption Video

Water Transport Video

Transpiration Video

Official Water Potential Lab

Muscle Contraction

Muscle cell structure, Sarcomere structure, Filament theory, muscle contraction

Muscle Contraction Review

Muscle Contraction Slides

Myosin Crossbridge 3D Animation

Muscle Cell Structure Video

Muscle Contraction Video

Myosin Action Video

Circulatory System

Circulatory system, parts of a heart, blood, blood vessels, factors influencing circulatory system, heart rate

Vertebrate Circulatory System Guide

Circulatory System Study Guide

Circulatory System Slides

Official Circulatory System Lab

Hemoglobin Video

Carbonic Anhydrase Video

Blood Cell Video

Immune System

Components of the immune system, non-specific defenses, specific defenses

Immunology Lab Guide

Immune System Slides

Immune Response Video

Hormone System

Negative feedback, hydrophilic hormones, hydrophobic hormones

Hormone Review Worksheet

Hormone System Slides

Pituitary & Thyroid Gland Video

Hormones & the Menstrual Cycle

Insulin and Diabetes Review

Adrenaline and ADH Review

Estrogen Receptor Video

AP Biology Review

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Synthesizer: Study Plan

Taking a practice test, reviewing chapter summaries, using diagrams to study

AP Biology Practice

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Free Response Skills Practice

Free Response Preparation, Free Response Practice

Sample Test Prompt

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