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Test Overview and Maximizing Your Score

ACT overview, test-taking strategies, content review, strategy review, practice

Official ACT Website

ACT Test Taking Strategies

Pacing strategies, setting a target score, educated guessing

Pacing Charts

Top Test Taking Strategies

Quick overview of the top strategies for each section

Full Length Practice Tests

Taking the ACT

Some relaxation exercises, what to pack and some cheerleading

Reducing Test Anxiety

ACT English

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The English Section

English section overview, directions, pacing, English question types

English Section Content

English Strategies

Sneaky English strategies, picking up points even if your skills are rusty

ACT English Practice

English Content Review I

Commonly tested grammar, punctuation and sentence structure skills

Comma Practice

Commas, Colons, Semicolons

Subject-verb Agreement

Noun-number Agreement

Parallelism Cheat Sheet

Parallelism Practice

Run-ons and Fragments Practice

Apostrophe Practice

Misplaced Modifiers Review & Self Quiz

Punctuation Quiz

Coordinating Conjunctions Practice

Fun Pronoun Usage Resource

Subject-verb Agreement Quiz

Pronoun Usage Quiz

Pronoun and Tense Consistency Quiz

Directory of Even More Grammar Quizzes

Fun Parallelism Resource

Fun Misplaced Modifiers Resource

Fun Comma Splice/Run-On Resource

Modifier Quiz

Parallelism Quiz

Run-On Sentences Quiz

Sentence Fragments Quiz

Using Colons In Sentence Structure

Transition Words Quiz

English Content Review II

Commonly tested strategy, organization, and style skills

Wordiness & Redundancy Review

Linking Paragraphs Worksheet

Linking Paragraphs Worksheet Answers

Transition Words Quiz

Effective Writing Quiz

Fun Wordiness/Redundancy Resource

Eliminating Wordiness Quiz

Concise Writing Worksheet

Reorganizing Paragraphs Quiz

Reorganizing Sentences Quiz

ACT Math

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The Math Section

Math section overview, directions, format, pacing question types

Content Covered by Math Section

Math Strategies

Top secret strategies that will get you the points even if you don't have the skills

Practice Problems for Number Strategy

Calculator Programs for the ACT

ACT Math Practice

Math Content Review I

Pre-algebra, order of operations, percents, proportions, ratios, mean, median, mode

Percents Overview

Ratios and Proportions

Mean, Median, and Mode


Absolute Value

Percents Quiz

Review of Scientific Notation

Percent Word Problems

Short Pre-Algebra Quiz

Basic Probability Quiz

Short Rates, Ratios, and Percents Quiz

Factors, Multiples & Sequences Quiz

Math Content Review II

Elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, substituting variables, simplifying expressions, solving linear equations

Simplifying Expressions

Solving Linear Equations

FOIL and Multiplying Binomials


Solving and Factoring Quadratic Equations



Translating Words into Algebra

The Quadratic Formula Song


Solving by Combination

Solving by Substitution

Changing English Into Algebra Quiz

Short Elementary Algebra Quiz


Factoring Quiz

Inequalities Quiz

Solving Linear Equations Quiz

Simplifying Equations Quiz

Interactive Word Problems Worksheet

Working With Functions

Quadratic Equations Quiz

Interactive Quadratic Equations Worksheet

Solving Systems of Equations Quiz

Interactive Systems of Equations Worksheet

Interactive Logarithm Worksheet

Math Content Review III

Coordinate geometry, plane geometry, slope, intercept

ACT Plane Geometry Review

ACT Coordinate Geometry Review

Review of Similar Triangles

30-60-90 and 45-45-90 Triangle Review

Review of Similar Triangles

Short Plane Geometry Quiz

Practice Using Pythagorean Theorem

Area and Circumference Quiz

Short Coordinate Geometry Quiz I

Interactive Coordinate Geometry Worksheet

Bonus Math Content

Review of some basic trig and miscellaneous question types that always show up once

ACT Trigonometry Overview

ACT Reading

Videos Materials Links
The Reading Section

Reading section overview, directions, format, pacing

Reading Section Content

Reading Preparation and Pacing

Preparation, pacing, reading the passages in order, strategic guessing

Reading Suggestions

ACT Reading Practice

Reading Strategies: Passages

General strategies, reading in sweeps, macro-reading, marking up the passage, what to look for when reading

Example Woolf Passage

Prose Fiction Sample Passage

Sample Reading Questions

Humanities Sample Passage

Prose Fiction Sample Passage

Social Science Sample Passage

Natural Sciences Sample Passage

Practice Skimming A Passage (Sweep 1)

Reading Strategies: The Questions

6 reading section question types, 4 wrong answer traps, demonstration

Example Woolf Passage

Main Idea Quiz

Detail Quiz

Inference Quiz I

Inference Quiz II

ACT Science

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The Science Section

Science section overview, directions, format, pacing

Science Section Content

Research Summary Passages

Research summary, passage strategies

Research Summary Handout

Sample Research Summary Passages

Sample Research Summary Passages

Data Representation Passages

Representation passage strategies

Sample Data Representation Passages

Sample Data Representation Passages

Sample Data Representation Passages

Interpreting Line Charts Worksheet

Interpreting Line Charts Worksheet Answers

Practice Interpreting Graphs and Charts

Conflicting Viewpoint Passages

Conflicting viewpoints, passage strategies

Sample Conflicting Viewpoints Passages

Conflicting Viewpoints Review & Practice

Science Pacing Strategies

Secret science pacing strategies

ACT Writing

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ACT Writing Section Overview

Time parameters, types of prompts, scoring, implications for admissions

ACT Writing Rubric

Rubric sections, key terms, ACT grading scale

ACT Sample Prompt 1

ACT Writing Broken Down Chart

Sentence Variety Chart

Sentence Variety Pointers

Essay Development

Interpreting the prompt, thesis development, prewriting activities, past prompts, timing

ACT Sample Prompt 4

Prewriting Chart

Counter Arguments

Effective counter arguments, how to weave counter arguments into the essay, use of counter-arguments in a thesis

ACT Sample Prompt 2

Counter Argument Chart

Counter Argument Chart 2

Common ACT Essay Pitfalls

Common mistakes, circular logic, counter-arguments, word choice, handwriting

ACT Sample Prompt 3

More Logical Fallacies

Examining ACT Essay Examples

Actual ACT essays, graded comments

Sample Essay 1

Essay 1 Score Explanation

Essay 1 Sentence Variety Chart

Sample Essay 2

Essay 2 Score Explanation

Essay 2 Sentence Variety Chart

Sample Essay, Score 8

Sample Essay, Score 9

Sample Essay, Score 10

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