3x3 Determinants - Concept

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Methods for computing a 3x3 determinant are important and are used when defining the cross product. Finding a 3x3 determinant is not as computationally heavy as finding the determinant of a larger square matrix. However, finding this determinant is more complicated than finding a 2x2 determinant. Using methods for simplifying determinants through row operations can make finding the 3x3 determinant much simpler.

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3x3 Determinants - Problem 1
Problem 1
How to compute the determinant of a 3x3 square matrix using minors by expanding along any row or column.
3x3 Determinants - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to determine the effect of interchanging two rows on the value of a determinant.
3x3 Determinants - Problem 3
Problem 3
How to determine the effect of a row's common factor on the value of a determinant.
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