Recursion Sequences - Concept

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While arithmetic and geometric sequences involve a rule that uses a constant number, recursion sequences use the terms themselves in the rule. One term in recursion sequences is determined from using the terms before it. This concept of recursion sequences can be difficult to fully comprehend, but is found often in mathematics. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is a famous recursion sequence.

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Recursion Sequences - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to generate terms of a number pattern from a recursive formula.
Recursion Sequences - Problem 3
Problem 3
Determining whether given formulas are recursive or explicitly defined.
Recursion Sequences - Problem 4
Problem 4
How to write both explicit and recursive formulas for the same number pattern
Recursion Sequences - Problem 5
Problem 5
Finding the explicit formula, recursive formula, or both for a given number pattern.
Recursion Sequences - Problem 6
Problem 6
Writing recursive formulas for given number patterns, and using the formula to find the next few terms.
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