Solving Simple Logarithmic Equations - Problem 5


Solving a simple logarithmic equation. Whenever we're solving a simple logarithmic equation what we want to do is put it into exponential form.

So for this particular example, that would just mean we bring the 7 around and we're left with x is equal to 7 to the 0. 7 to the 0 is just equal 1, so we have x is equal to 1, easy enough.

What I want to talk about though is, is this special for 7? If this was a 10, we would do the same thing x is equal to 10 is 0, we'd still be left with 1, so that forms is actually one of our properties, we're left with log base b of 1 is equal to 0.

No matter what your base, if we have a 1 in the inside, it's going to equal to 0, whatever these properties of log it's always remember it will awfully be a little bit hand inconvenient, but you can always derive it as well.

logarithmic form exponential form properties of logarithms