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Problems that involve continuous compound interest use a different equation from problems that have finitely compounded interest, but the continuous compound interest equation is also an exponential equation. We use many of the same methods for calculating continuous compound interest as we do finitely compounded interest. To calculuate compound interest, we can use logarithms and methods for solving exponential equations.

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Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 2

Invest $5000 at 5% interest compounded continuously.

How long will it take to double?
Problem 2
How to use the compounded continuously formula to find the tripling time of an investment.
Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 4
Problem 4
How to solve continuously compounded investment problems.
Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 5
Problem 5
How to determine doubling time of a continuously compounded investment at a known rate of interest.
Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 6
Problem 6
How to determine interest rate needed to achieve a certain amount after continuous compounding from an initial amount.
Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 7
Problem 7
How to find the interest rate needed to double a continuously compounded investment.
Compound Interest (Continuously) - Problem 8
Problem 8
How to find the initial principal investment in a continuously compounded interest investment.
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