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We can easily identify a conic section by its formula. Conic section formulas have different identifiers. For example, a vertical parabola has a squared "x" term and single "y" term while a horizontal parabola has a single "x" term and a "y" squared term. An equation for a circle has a squared "x" term, a squared "y" term and identical coefficients.

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Conic Section Formulas - Problem 1

Identify the Conic

x² = y − 3
4x² = 72 + y²
7x² = 63 − 7y²
Problem 1
How to identify a conic section by its formula.
Conic Section Formulas - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to re-write a conic as two functions to graph using technology.
Conic Section Formulas - Problem 3
Problem 3
Classifying conics from general form equations.
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