Trapezoid Midsegment Properties - Concept

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A midsegment of a trapezoid is the line segment connecting the midpoints of the two non-parallel sides of a trapezoid. A trapezoid midsegment is parallel to the set of parallel lines in a trapezoid and is equal to the average of the lengths of the bases. A trapezoid midsegment is related to a triangle midsegment given that both of their lengths are proportional to the bases.

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Trapezoid Midsegment Properties - Problem 1
Problem 1
How to find the length of a trapezoid midsegment and the angles created by the midsegment.
Trapezoid Midsegment Properties - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to find the length of the segments that divide the sides of a triangle into three congruent segments.
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