Duplicating a Line Segment - Concept

Concept Concept (1)

When constructing a line segment, we use a compass and straightedge to first draw a ray or line and then a point that will serve as an endpoint of the new segment. Next, we measure the given segment with a compass and make a mark with the pencil end. Without changing the spacing of the compass, place the sharp end of the compass on the point drawn on the new line/ray, and make a mark on the line/ray. This is our line segment.

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Duplicating a Line Segment - Problem 1
Problem 1
How to double a line segment using a compass and straightedge.
Duplicating a Line Segment - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to construct a triangle given three line segments.
Duplicating a Line Segment - Problem 3
Problem 3
How to construct an equilateral triangle given one segment.
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