Solving Formulas - Concept

Concept Concept (1)

Solving formulas for a variable is a critical skill in the Geometry area unit because many problems will give the area of a polygon and ask for a side, height, or some other dimension. In these cases, simply substituting and typing into a calculator will not yield the correct answer. The successful Geometry student must be capable of substituting into a formula and then solving formulas for the one remaining variable.

Sample Sample Problems (3)

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Solving Formulas - Problem 1
Problem 1
How to solve for one of the bases of a trapezoid in the trapezoid area formula.
Solving Formulas - Problem 2
Problem 2
How to solve the area of a sector formula for the radius.
Solving Formulas - Problem 3
Problem 3
How to solve the area of a regular polygon formula for the side length.
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