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Brian McCall Brian McCall

Reasoning, Diagonals, Angles and Parallel Lines

Reasoning, diagonals, angles and parallel lines covers applications of both inductive and deductive reasoning to geometry, as well as the definitions on angles and parallel lines. Topics include:

Reasoning, Diagonals, Angles and Parallel Lines
30 videos 52m 11s
38 videos 1h 25m 43s


Transformations covers the practice of geometric transformations, involving reflections, rotations and translations, among others. Topics include:

28 videos 1h 28m 10s
28 videos 1h 24m 9s

Basic Trigonometry

Basic trigonometry covers the definitions and formulas for the basic trigonometric ratios, as well as the fundamental theorems and some applications Topics include:

Basic Trigonometry
24 videos 50m 57s
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