Solving Multi-step Equations - Concept


It can be difficult to understand solving multi step equations, but after learning how to solve one step and two step equations this is the final step in learning how to solve for a variable. Solving multi step equations is an important skill that involves using additive and multiplicative inverses and the variable that makes the equation true.


Solving multi step equations can be scary because there is a lot of stuff that's happening to x, or whatever your variable letter is. You might have to divide, add, subtract, distribute, combine like terms; all of this stuff you've been learning in your Algebra course kind of culminates in solving multi step equations.
But don't be nervous just make sure you work through step by step. Make sure you do the same thing to one side of the equation that you do to the other side of the equation and you'll be totally fine.

expressions equations solutions implying like terms combining like terms