Cube Roots - Concept

Concept Concept (1)

A square root is an exponent of one-half. A cube root is an exponent of one-third. Square roots of negative numbers do not have real number roots since the product of any real number and itself is positive. Cube roots do exist for negative numbers since the product of three negatives is a negative. Cube roots re-appear often in Geometry and in Algebra II.

Sample Sample Problems (4)

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Cube Roots - Problem 1
Problem 1
Simplifying cube roots with integers and variables in the radicand.
Cube Roots - Problem 2
Problem 2
Introduction to cube root concept and notation, including cube roots of negative numbers.
Cube Roots - Problem 3
Problem 3
Using factor trees to simplify cube roots without a calculator.
Cube Roots - Problem 4
Problem 4
Simplifying cube roots by looking for multiples of the perfect cube numbers.
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