The Discriminant - Concept

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The discriminant is the term underneath the square root in the quadratic formula and tells us the number of solutions to a quadratic equation. If the discriminant is positive, we know that we have 2 solutions. If it is negative, there are no solutions and if the discriminant is equal to zero, we have one solution. The discriminant is calculuated by squaring the "b" term and subtracting 4 times the "a" term times the "c" term.

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The Discriminant - Problem 1

Find the number of solutions of

3x² − 2x = 7
Problem 1
How to interpret a discriminant that is larger than zero.
The Discriminant - Problem 3
Problem 3
Using the discriminant to determine the number of solutions.
The Discriminant - Problem 4
Problem 4
Using the discriminant to match a graph with its function.
The Discriminant - Problem 5
Problem 5
What is the discriminant and what does it tell us.
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