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We have rational functions whenever we have a fraction that has a polynomial in the numerator and/or in the denominator. An excluded value in the function is any value of the variable that would make the denominator equal to zero. To find the domain, list all the values of the variable that, when substituted, would result in a zero in the denominator.

Sample Sample Problems (6)

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Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 1

Make a table and graph:

y = -x²
Problem 1
How to make a table to graph a quadratic equation when the leading coefficient is negative.
Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 2

Make a table and graph:

y = -x² − 2
Problem 2
How to make a table to graph a quadratic equation when there is an added constant.
Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 3

Make a table and graph:

y = (x − 3)² + 1
Problem 3
How to make a table and graph a quadratic equation in vertex form.
Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 4
Problem 4
How to choose which solving method to use for a quadratic equation.
Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 5
Problem 5
Intercepts, vertex, and the axis of symmetry as key features of quadratic graphs.
Exploring Quadratic Graphs - Problem 6
Problem 6
Finding key features of a quadratic relation from a table of values.
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