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When modeling real world situations, we often use what's called inverse variation to describe a relation between two variables. Inverse variation is a relation in which the absolute value of one variable gets smaller while the other gets larger. Inverse variation and direct variation are important concepts to understand when learning equations and interpreting graphs.

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Inverse Variation - Problem 1

Tell whether each relationship is an inverse variation:

x y
1 12
2 6
-3 -4
x y
1 4
3 12
-2 -8
Problem 1
How to tell if tables of values represent inverse variation relationships.
Inverse Variation - Problem 2

Tell whether the relationship 3xy = -10 is an inverse variation.

Problem 2
How to tell if a given equation represents an inverse variation relationship.
Inverse Variation - Problem 3

If the points (½,4) and (x,1⁄10) are solutions to an inverse variation, find x.

Problem 3
How to solve for a variable in an ordered pair if told that two points are solutions to an inverse variation.
Inverse Variation - Problem 4
Problem 4
Determining whether a given equation or table represents inverse or indirect variation
Inverse Variation - Problem 5
Problem 5
Using inverse or indirect variation to find the constant of variation and make predictions
Inverse Variation - Problem 6
Problem 6
Word problems involving indirect or inverse variation
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