Probability - Problem 3


Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I’m super tired and I’m not sure if I’m going to be putting on clothes that match or not. Have you ever been there where you just open your drawer you grab whatever is on top and that’s what you wear that day? That’s kind of what this problem is about let’s check it out.

A sock drawer has four pairs of white socks, three pairs of 10 socks and three pairs of black socks, if you pull one pair what’s the probability it would be white? Well if you are wearing a white outfit you’ll hope you’re white. Let’s check it out.

So remember the way to do probability is to write this notation p in the parentheses probably some word we need the number of successes in my case I have four pairs of white socks on top of the number of possible outcomes .

Well in the drawer there’s 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 total pairs so my answer is going to be four attempts only I need to write that in a more proper form. I could either write it as the fraction 2/5 as the decimal 0.40 or as 40%. All of those are equal representations of our solution and all of them are equally valid.

So you guys probability is pretty cool because it is actually applicable to real life. This is kind of the basic level and as you continue through your high school career you will start learning cooler and cooler and more real life probability problems.

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