Domain and Range - Concept


An important part of understanding functions is understanding their domain and range. Domain and range are all the possible x-values and y-values of the function, and can often be described easily by looking at a graph. In order to grasp domain and range, students must understand how to determine if a relation is a function and interpreting graphs.


The ideas of domain and range are some of
the most important math ideas that to see
in your upcoming math classes.

It's really important that you guys start
thinking about domain as the set of
all possible X values or input values and
the range as a set of all possible
Y values or output values.

And you want to be able to find the domain
and range not only from like a set
of points but also to be able to find
the domain and range from a graph
where it might just be like a little
splattering of points.

Domain and range show up in lots of different
places and that's why it's important
that you keep those two ideas
straight in your head.

domain range input output