Domain and Range - Problem 1


Domain is the set of all x values and range is the set of all y values. List all the x values from the table to find the domain and list all the y values to find the range. Repeated values in the domain or range do not need to be written more than once.


There's lots of different ways you're going to be asked to find the domain and range and one situation is going to be where you're given a table like this. And I know domain and range sound like scary words it's easy to get them confused but you guys will see these problems can take you like 30 seconds or less if you remember the definitions.

Domain means the set of all x numbers, range means the sets of all y numbers. So in this problem my domain is going to be the set of all x numbers -1, -2, -3, -4, that's it. I'm going to write it using this curvy bracket which is what's called the set notation.

The range is really similar, not so difficult you guys can do it. The range is -4 -8, -12, -16 it's just the set of those y numbers. The hardest part of this when you're given a table and asked to find the domain and range is just keeping the vocabulary straight. Remembering which one's the domain, that's the Xs and which ones the range, that's the Ys.

domain range input output