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We have rational functions whenever we have a fraction that has a polynomial in the numerator and/or in the denominator. An excluded value in the function is any value of the variable that would make the denominator equal to zero. To find the domain, list all the values of the variable that, when substituted, would result in a zero in the denominator.

Sample Sample Problems (8)

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Greatest Common Factors - Problem 1

Find the greatest common factor of

a) 24 and 60
b) 18x² and 27x³
Problem 1
How to find the greatest common factor of 2 constants or 2 monomials.
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 2


a) 5x³ + 10x
b) 6p³ − 12p² − 60p
Problem 2
How to use the monomial greatest common factor to factor a polynomial.
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 3


3x(x + 6) − 10(x + 6)
Problem 3
How to find a binomial greatest common factor.
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 4
Problem 4
Finding the greatest common factors of integers using factor trees
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 5
Problem 5
Examples of factoring out a greatest common factor constant and an overview of the idea of factoring, or "undistributing"
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 6
Problem 6
Examples of factoring out a monomial greatest common factor that is an integer, a variable, or both
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 7
Problem 7
Examples of factoring a greatest common factor when the GCF is a binomial
Greatest Common Factors - Problem 8
Problem 8
Finding the greatest common factors of monomials that include both integers and variables.
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