Introduction to Sequences - Concept

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Lists of numbers, both finite and infinite, that follow certain rules are called sequences. This introduction to sequences covers the definition of a sequence and how to identify a rule. There are specific sequences that have their own formulas and methods for finding the value of terms, such as arithmetic and geometric sequences. Series are an important concept that come from sequences.

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Introduction to Sequences - Problem 1

If an = 3n + 2

a1 =
a2 =
a3 =
a4 =
Problem 1
How to use the general term of a sequence.
Introduction to Sequences - Problem 3
Problem 3
Determining whether a given sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither.
Introduction to Sequences - Problem 4
Problem 4
Introduction to geometric sequences, how to find the ratio r, and how to tell if a number pattern represents a geometric sequence.
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