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We often use the term direct variation to describe a form of dependence of one variable on another. An equation that makes a line and crosses the origin is a form of direct variation, where the magnitude of x increases or decreases directly as y increases or decreases. Direct variation and inverse variation are used often in science when modeling activity, such as speed or velocity.

Sample Sample Problems (12)

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Arithmetic Series - Problem 1

Find S40

3 + 7 + 11 + 15 + ...
Problem 1
How to find the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic series when given the first few terms.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 2
-3 + -3 + 0 + ... 30
Problem 2
How to find the sum of an arithmetic series when given the first few terms and last term.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 3
∑(1 − 2i)
i = 0
Problem 3
How to evaluate a summation notation that yields an arithmetic series.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 4

How many terms in 5 + 7 + 9 + ... must be added to make 572.

Problem 4
How to find the number terms in an arithmetic series to add up to a specific sum.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 5
Problem 5
Solving for the first term of an arithmetic series from a known sum.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 6
Problem 6
Finding how many rows are in an arithmetic collection if you know the total number of objects in the collection.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 8
Problem 8
How many total cans (or objects) in a stacked display?
Arithmetic Series - Problem 9
Problem 9
Solving for the last term of an arithmetic series from a known sum and known first term.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 10
Problem 10
Using an arithmetic series to find the total number of seats in a theater.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 11
Problem 11
Evaluating an arithmetic series from sigma notation when the difference is fractional.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 12
Problem 12
Finding a term in an arithmetic sequence and an arithmetic sum where the terms are irrational.
Arithmetic Series - Problem 13
Problem 13
Using the formula to calculate arithmetic series from the first and last term being added.
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