Rational Exponents - Concept

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Any radical can also be expressed as a rational exponent. For example, a cube root is equivalent to an exponent of 1/3; a fourth root is an exponent of 1/4. When using this method to simplify roots, we need to remember that raising a power to a power multiplies the exponents. This topic is important when finding derivatives and in integral calculus.

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Rational Exponents - Problem 1

Rewrite as a radical.

Problem 1
How to rewrite rational exponents as a radical.
Rational Exponents - Problem 2

Rewrite using exponents.

Problem 2
How to rewrite radicals as rational exponents.
Rational Exponents - Problem 3

Rewrite as a radical.

4x + (3y)
Problem 3
How to rewrite an expression with rational exponents with radicals.
Rational Exponents - Problem 4
Problem 4
Writing rational expressions as radicals.
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