Multiplying Complex Numbers - Concept

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To simplify expressions by multiplying complex numbers, we use exponent rules for i and then simplify further if possible. Remember that, by definition, i^2= -1, which also means that i ^ 4= 1. If multiplying two square roots of negatives, their product is not a positive. First we rewrite the radicals using i and then multiply and simplify.

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Multiplying Complex Numbers - Problem 1


Problem 1
How to multiply an imaginary number by a complex number.
Multiplying Complex Numbers - Problem 2


3i(7 − 4i)
(2 + 5i)(3 − i)
Problem 2
How to multiply two complex numbers.
Multiplying Complex Numbers - Problem 3
Problem 3
How to multiply imaginary monomials.
Multiplying Complex Numbers - Problem 4
Problem 4
How to multiply complex binomials.
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