Evaluating Rational Exponents - Concept

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Rational exponents indicate two properties: the numerator is the base's power and the denominator is the power of the root. When evaluating rational exponents it is often helpful to break apart the exponent into its two parts: the power and the root. To decide if it is easier to perform the root first or the exponent first, see if there exists a whole number root of the base; if not, we perform the exponent operation first.

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Evaluating Rational Exponents - Problem 1


Problem 1
How to evaluate a rational exponent the easier way.
Evaluating Rational Exponents - Problem 2
Problem 2
Re-writing expressions with the same base.
Evaluating Rational Exponents - Problem 3
Problem 3
Using a calculator to evaluate roots.
Evaluating Rational Exponents - Problem 4
Problem 4
Evaluation with roots as exponents.
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