Multiplying Polynomials - Concept

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There are different methods for multiplying polynomials. One method is to use an area model, but another way to multiply polynomials without having to draw diagrams, is to multiply polynomials using distribution. In order to understand multiplying polynomials, we need knowledge of multiplying monomials and binomials and to know the rules of multiplying exponents.

Sample Sample Problems (3)

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Multiplying Polynomials - Problem 1


(x − 2)(x² + 4x − 1)
Problem 1
How to multiply a binomial and a trinomial.
Multiplying Polynomials - Problem 2


(x² + 2x + 2)(x² − x + 3)
Problem 2
How to multiply two trinomials.
Multiplying Polynomials - Problem 3
Problem 3
Using difference of perfect squares as a shortcut in multiplying a series of binomials.
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