Introduction to Polynomials - Concept

Concept Concept (1)

Before adding and subtracting polynomials or multiplying polynomials, it is important to have an introduction to polynomials with a definition of a polynomial and polynomial vocabulary. Important polynomial definitions include terms including monomial, the degree of a monomial, polynomial degree and standard form.

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Introduction to Polynomials - Problem 2
Problem 2
Writing higher degree polynomials in standard form by writing the terms with exponents in decreasing order.
Introduction to Polynomials - Problem 3
Problem 3
Evaluating polynomials of higher degree for given input values.
Introduction to Polynomials - Problem 4
Problem 4
Definition of a polynomial and determining whether or not an expression is a polynomial.
Introduction to Polynomials - Problem 5
Problem 5
Vocabulary of classifying polynomials by the number of terms and degree.
Introduction to Polynomials - Problem 6
Problem 6
Vocabulary of polynomials, including multiplicity, solution, zeros, roots, x-intercepts.
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