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When graphing polynomials, basic transformations occur when a graph either shifts along the x-axis or y-axis and/or dilates. When graphing transformations, a dilation occurs when the "a" term value is changed. Dilations cause the parabola to either open a different direction or change shape. A shift occurs when a graph doesn't change shape but moves along the x or y axis.

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Basic Transformations - Problem 1


f(x) = x² − 2
Problem 1
How to move a polynomial graph up and down.
Basic Transformations - Problem 2


f(x) = -x²
Problem 2
How to flip a polynomial graph upside-down
Basic Transformations - Problem 3
Problem 3
Using transformations on cubic graphs to look at end behavior for higher odd degree polynomials.
Basic Transformations - Problem 4
Problem 4
Using transformations on quadratic graphs to look at end behavior for higher even degree polynomials.
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