Power Rule of Logarithms - Concept

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When evaluating logarithmic equations, the logarithm power rule can be a useful tool. The logarithmic power rule can also be used to access exponential terms. When a logarithmic term has an exponent, the logarithm power rule says that we can transfer the exponent to the front of the logarithm. Along with the product rule and the quotient rule, the logarithm power rule can be used for expanding and condensing logarithms.

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Power Rule of Logarithms - Problem 1


log73⁴ =
log4 1 =
log88⁵ =
Problem 1
How to use the power rule for logarithms to simplify a log.
Power Rule of Logarithms - Problem 2


blogbx = x
5log57> =
62log62 =
Problem 2
How to simplify an exponential statement with a base to a log of the same base.
Power Rule of Logarithms - Problem 3
Problem 3
Exploring the power rule of logs, including logs of radicals and expressions with exponents.
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