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The definition of a function can be extended to define the definition of inverse of a function. Along with one to one functions, invertible functions are an important type of function. The definition of inverse says that a function's inverse switches its domain and range. The definition of inverse helps students to understand the unique characteristics of the graphs of invertible functions.

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Definition of Inverse - Problem 1
f(x) f⁻¹(x)
Domain: Domain:
Range: Range:
Problem 1
How to find the domain and range of an inverse.
Definition of Inverse - Problem 2

If f(x) = 2x,

find f⁻¹(8).
Problem 2
How to find the inverse of a point.
Definition of Inverse - Problem 3
Problem 3
Examples of finding the inverse of a function using three methods.
Definition of Inverse - Problem 4
Problem 4
Overview of inverse functions and related vocabulary.
Definition of Inverse - Problem 5
Problem 5
Overview of the vocabulary of functions, including inverse, relation, function, input, output, and domain and range
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