Midpoint Formula - Concept

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When working with circle conic sections, we can derive the equation of a circle by using coordinates and the distance formula. The equation of a circle is (x - h) ^2 + (y - k)^2 = r^2 where r is equal to the radius, and the coordinates (x,y) are equal to the circle center. The variables h and k represent horizontal or vertical shifts in the circle graph.

Sample Sample Problems (2)

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Midpoint Formula - Problem 1

Find the midpoint of (5,8) and (-3,2).

Problem 1
How to find the midpoint of two points using the midpoint formula.
Midpoint Formula - Problem 2

The midpoint of (4,-1) and what point is (-1,7).

Problem 2
How to find an endpoint given the midpoint and other endpoint, using the midpoint formula.
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