Composition of Functions - Concept

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When we put two functions together, we have something called a composition of functions. For example, the expression g(f(x)) states that we should put the "f" function into the "g" function. To do this, we simply substitute the entire inner function into each of the variables in the outer function.

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Composition of Functions - Problem 1
f(x) = x² + x
g(x) = x − 3
h(x) = √x
What is (f ∘ h)(4)?
Problem 1
How to calculate the composition of functions.
Composition of Functions - Problem 2
Problem 2
Graphical approach to composition of functions
Composition of Functions - Problem 3
Problem 3
Composition of functions, or fog(x) and gof(x) including examples with variable and integer inputs
Composition of Functions - Problem 4
Problem 4
Evaluating composition of functions from piecewise functions
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