Solving by Factoring - Concept

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The first step is to bring all the terms to one side and set the equation equal to zero. Next, using the method of solving by factoring, take out the common terms and use one of the methods of factoring to simplify the expression. Once in this multiplication form, note that if two terms multiplied equal zero, one of the terms must be equal to zero. Given the rational roots theorem, these are the solutions to the equation.

Sample Sample Problems (3)

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Solving by Factoring - Problem 1


16x³ + 32x² = 9x + 18
Problem 1
How to solve a polynomial equation by factor by grouping.
Solving by Factoring - Problem 2


27x⁴ = 8x
Problem 2
How to solve a polynomial equation by factoring out the greatest common factor and then factoring the difference of cubes.
Solving by Factoring - Problem 3
Problem 3
Solving higher degree polynomials by factoring and incorporating synthetic division and the quadratic formula.
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