Scientific Notation - Concept

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In the applied sciences, scientific notation is often employed as a method of notation for ease of writing and reading. When dealing with real world situations, the numbers we get as solutions are rarely whole numbers and scientific notation gives us rules to follow when using ugly numbers that have a lot of decimal places. In order to understand scientific notation, we must also have a solid understanding of exponents.

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Scientific Notation - Problem 1

Write out:

8.31 × 10⁴
3.17 × 10⁻⁵
Problem 1
How to change a number in standard notation into scientific notation.
Scientific Notation - Problem 2

Write in scientific notation:

Problem 2
How to change a number in scientific notation into standard notation.
Scientific Notation - Problem 3
900000 × .00004
2000000 × .00000001
Problem 3
How to evaluate products involving scientific notation.
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