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Since we often see exponents throughout all math courses, it is important to understand the rules of exponents. We need to understand how to distribute, add, multiply and divide exponents in order to simplify expressions or manipulate equations that have exponents. The rules of exponents, like those involving multiplication of terms, are important to learn and will be used throughout Algebra I and II and Calculus.

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Rules of Exponents - Problem 1
y⁴ ⋅ y² =
Problem 1
How to simplify basic exponential expressions.
Rules of Exponents - Problem 2
5⁻² =
1 =
Problem 2
How to simplify an exponential expression with negative exponents.
Rules of Exponents - Problem 3
Problem 3
How to simplify an exponential expression involving more than one variable.
Rules of Exponents - Problem 4
( -2x²y )⁻³ ⋅ ( -3z²
z⁻³ x⁴y
Problem 4
How to simplify a complicated exponential expressions.
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