The Brightstorm Formula

Take 3 Easy Steps that Will Lead You To Success.

1. Find Study Help

Finding a topic is often a headache because different textbooks use different terms. We made it easy for you. Find a video you need in 3 easy ways.

1. Follow subject → unit → topic name.

2. Type in a keyword(s) into search box.

3. Use our 'Textbook Video Locator'.


Step 2: Learn Concept

Understanding a concept is crucial. Without it, you can't master problems. Watch our concept videos to make sure you get it right. You'll be able to solve many homework problems just by understanding the concepts clearly.


Step 3: Master Problems

Even the best athletes would be nothing without their coaches. Let our teachers coach you into becoming the best math-letes. They will show you the right way to solve tough problems so you can solve them yourself.

In our sample problem videos, expert teachers solve thousands of problems and you can find one similar to yours. Watch how our teachers solve those problems and make the skills your own. You'll never get stuck again.

Study Your Way

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