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Angle Inclination of a Line - Problem 1

Teacher/Instructor Norm Prokup
Norm Prokup

Cornell University
PhD. in Mathematics

Norm was 4th at the 2004 USA Weightlifting Nationals! He still trains and competes occasionally, despite his busy schedule.

Let's do a problem that involves the angle of inclination of a line. Line L passes through point -1,3 and makes an angle of 70 percent on the x axis, this is its angle of inclination, find its slope to the nearest hundredth.

Well slope m equals the tangent of the angle of inclination so in this case the tangent of 70 degrees. And I’m asked to find that to the nearest hundredth so I'll need a calculator. So I hit tangent of 70 and I get to the nearest hundredth 2.75. So approximately 2.75 and that’s going to be my slope. Find an equation for line L, well since I have a point that it passes through in the slope I could use point slope. So y minus 3 equals 2.75 x minus -1 x plus 1. That would be an equation for line L.

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