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Tangent Segments to a Circle - Problem 1 4,154 views

Teacher/Instructor Brian McCall
Brian McCall

Univ. of Wisconsin
J.D. Univ. of Wisconsin Law school

Brian was a geometry teacher through the Teach for America program and started the geometry program at his school

Given a triangle circumscribed about a circle (or, a circle inscribed within a triangle), there are three points of tangency. The segments between the vertex and two points of tangency are congruent, so they have the same length. So, by examining the segments created between a vertex and each point of tangency, it is possible to know the lengths of each segment from a vertex and point of tangency. Recall that the perimeter of a polygon is the sum of the lengths of each side. This is the same as adding the value of each segment. Thus, by doing so, you have found the perimeter of the triangle.

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