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Basic Transformations - Concept

Teacher/Instructor Carl Horowitz
Carl Horowitz

University of Michigan
Runs his own tutoring company

Carl taught upper-level math in several schools and currently runs his own tutoring company. He bets that no one can beat his love for intensive outdoor activities!

When graphing polynomials, basic transformations occur when a graph either shifts along the x-axis or y-axis and/or dilates. When graphing transformations, a dilation occurs when the "a" term value is changed. Dilations cause the parabola to either open a different direction or change shape. A shift occurs when a graph doesn't change shape but moves along the x or y axis.

Transforming basic graphs okay, so for this particular example we're going to be talking about the graph of x squared okay. We here at, right before you came in I made a table and plotted a basic x squared graph. And what transformations are basically different ways we can move a graph around okay. We can move this graph up and down, we can move it side to side, we can even flip it up-side-down it'll mean different things Mathematically to this graph.
Okay we're going to take a look at how these all piece together, what we can do to move the graph in different ways.

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