Basic Transformations - Concept


When graphing polynomials, basic transformations occur when a graph either shifts along the x-axis or y-axis and/or dilates. When graphing transformations, a dilation occurs when the "a" term value is changed. Dilations cause the parabola to either open a different direction or change shape. A shift occurs when a graph doesn't change shape but moves along the x or y axis.


Transforming basic graphs okay, so for this particular example we're going to be talking about the graph of x squared okay. We here at, right before you came in I made a table and plotted a basic x squared graph. And what transformations are basically different ways we can move a graph around okay. We can move this graph up and down, we can move it side to side, we can even flip it up-side-down it'll mean different things Mathematically to this graph.
Okay we're going to take a look at how these all piece together, what we can do to move the graph in different ways.

transformation vertical shift flip