Basic Polynomial Graphs - Concept

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Graphing higher degree polynomial functions can be more complicated than graphing linear and a href="/math/algebra/quadratic-equations-and-functions/graphing-quadratic-equations">quadratic functions. Polynomial graphs can be graphs of functions where the degree of the highest term is greater than one. When we graph polynomials with varying degrees it is easier to identify the end behavior, shape and turning points.

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Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 1


f(x) = x²
Problem 1
How to graph a second degree polynomial.
Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 2


f(x) = x³
Problem 2
How to graph a third degree polynomial.
Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 3


f(x) = x⁴
Problem 3
How to graph a fourth degree polynomial
Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 4
Problem 4
Connecting end behavior of any higher degree polynomial to patterns in quadratic and cubic functions.
Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 5
Problem 5
Graphing a third degree polynomial with all real zeros using factoring by grouping.
Basic Polynomial Graphs - Problem 6
Problem 6
Graphing quadratic and cubic functions with focus on end behavior with all zeros multiplicity one.