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In Algebra, we often use the rectangular coordinate system to graph lines, parabolas and other formulas. Important terms to be familiar with include the y-axis, the x-axis, y-coordinates, x-coordinates and points.The rectangular coordinate system can also be called the coordinate system or the x-y axis.

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Rectangular Coordinate System - Problem 1

3x + 4y = 12

if x = -2, find y
Problem 1
How to find a point on a line in a rectangular coordinate system using a linear equation.
Rectangular Coordinate System - Problem 2

3x + 4y = 12

find x-intercept:
find y-intercept:
Problem 2
How to find x and y intercepts of a line.
Rectangular Coordinate System - Problem 3

The point (2,-4) lies on the line 5x + ky = -14.

Find k.
Problem 3
How to solve for a variable given a point that lies on the line.
Rectangular Coordinate System - Problem 6
Problem 6
Looking at discrete versus continuous linear relationships