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We often see math applied to the real world through word problems, and the applications of linear equations are seen throughout all our math courses after Algebra. To understand applications of linear equations we need to have an understanding of slope, how to interpret a graph, and how to write an equation. In upper-level Algebra, we apply systems of linear equations to these problems as well.

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Applications of Linear Equations - Problem 7
Problem 7
Using technology to enter data and determine a line of best fit or linear regression for a linear relationship
Applications of Linear Equations - Problem 8
Problem 8
Making a graph and interpreting the x and y intercept and slope in the context of linear word problems
Applications of Linear Equations - Problem 9
Problem 9
Writing linear equations to model real life situations
Applications of Linear Equations - Problem 10
Problem 10
Money applications of linear word problems, including interpreting the slope and intercepts