How it Works

How does the free trial work?

Try us free for 1 week! You'll be able to instantly watch videos in the subject of your choice from your computer, tablet or phone. If you enjoy your Brightstorm trial, do nothing at the end of your trial and your subscription will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a subscriber. You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Just sign up to get started!

What subjects do you cover?

We have thousands of video lessons in Math, Science, English and AP subjects plus SAT, ACT and PSAT exam prep. You can browse or search this video library or use our textbook video locator to find the video that corresponds to your textbook.

Can I use Brightstorm on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes! You can access the site by going to from your mobile browser. Our website is designed using the latest responsive design technology. It adjusts page structure and size based on the size of your device, to provide the best possible browsing experience on any device.

Subscription Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription online at anytime from My Account page. If you cancel your subscription, you will be able to access the site, services, and content until the end of the billing period during which you cancelled your Subscription.

Which plan should I choose between Monthly and Annual plan?

Monthly plan is a month-to-month subscription that automatically renews until you cancel. You’ll be billed a monthly fee of $29.99 on the same date of every month. Our monthly plan is good for those who need Brightstorm for a relatively short period or want to have flexibility to cancel anytime during a monthly billing period.

Annual plan is a year-to-year subscription. You pay $179.88 when you subscribe and can use Brightstorm for 12 months, which is equivalent to monthly fee of $14.99. Our annual plan is the best option for those who use Brightstorm for more than 6 months during a year. Our annual plan also automatically renews.

Whichever plan you choose, you can cancel it online anytime and stop auto-renewal. When you cancel your subscription, you can still use Brightstorm until the end of the current subscription period.

Can I switch between monthly plan and annual plan?

Of course you can. Just go to My Account and click ‘change plan’. When changing from a monthly to an annual plan, the change will be effective immediately when you make the change on My Account page. You will receive a pro-rated credit of the previously paid monthly fee for the remaining days of that month, to be applied against the annual subscription amount. When changing from an annual to a monthly plan, the change will be effective at the end of your then current annual subscription period and the monthly subscription amount will be charged to your credit card.

How do I update my credit card information?

You can update your credit card information from My Account page. Click 'update' link next to your credit card number and enter new credit card information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We will continue to expand the payment options as we grow.

Can I keep my old Starter(1 subject) or Plus(2 subjects) plan?

You may keep your current Starter or Plus plan subscription for as long as you want. If you want to change plans, you will need to select a monthly or annual plan.

Can I change my subject(s) on the Starter or Plus plan?

You can change your subject(s) every 30 days by clicking on ‘change subject’ on My Account page. You can see on My Account page how many days are left before you can change subject(s).

Account Questions

I have a subscription to Brightstorm, but I'm still being asked to pay. What's going on?

Are you logged in and seeing your email in the top right-hand corner? Good! Are you sure that you signed up for a subscription under that email? Good! If you have a starter(1 subject) or Plus(2 subjects) plan and are trying to watch videos in a different subject that you’re not subscribed to, you need to change your subscription to Monthly or Annual plan to watch videos in all subjects. You can change plan easily on My Account page. Still having trouble? Please email us at

How do I login to my Brightstorm account

Click the Login link on the top right hand side of the page and enter your username or email address and password.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click on the "Forgot Password" link under the password field, enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you electronically.

How can I change my password, email address, or other account details?

Make sure you are logged in and then click on the My Account link to be taken to your profile page. From there, you can change your email address, password and credit card information.

My school or district is interested in purchasing Brightstorm for our students. How do we do that?

You can purchase group subscription for students at Brightstorm For Schools. It is very easy to customize your subscription based on your needs, such as subject, number of students, duration of subscription. Rates for a subject are as low as $2/student/month.

Video Play Back Questions

Why do video clips sometimes stutter or pause?

Video may stutter or pause during playback if you computer does not meet the system specifications, or if your Internet connection is not fast enough. Even on broadband connections, Internet congestion or traffic can result in choppy playback or repeated buffering. It may also help if you close any other applications open other than your browser. If you are using Firefox, changing to Internet Explorer or Safari may help.

Why isn't the video player displaying on a web page?

Some corporate networks, firewalls, and ad-blocking software may prevent the video player from displaying. Please check with your Network Administrator to ensure that Flash video is permitted on your network. Also, disable any ad-blocking software that might prevent Flash media from loading.

The player is displaying a warning that says I need to upgrade the Flash player. How do I upgrade?

You can obtain the latest version of the Flash Player from Adobe.

The player is not displaying correctly or is displaying the wrong video. How can I fix this?

Your web browser may be displaying cached information. Make sure to refresh your browser and clear your cache.

Why can I only watch the first minute of the video?

Only Brightstorm subscribers can watch videos in their entirety. If you are a Brightstorm subscriber, make sure you are logged in and seeing your email in the top right-hand corner.

Privacy, Security and Support

What do you do with my data?

We take the usage of your personal data very seriously. Our specific policies can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Is my credit card information safe?

We take the usage of your personal data very seriously.
We use SSL encryption and do not store your information on our site or database.

How can I request further technical support?

If your questions are not answered in the FAQ and you require further assistance, please email us at We typically respond to all customer support requests within 2 business days.